She must be confused now

This girl back then in school would always fake sickness when I’m with my ex , she’ll pretend to be dieing, I knew what was happening and I’m glad I left, she was even telling my ex she likes him and he’ll always show me the chats I was in 300 level she was in 100 level. I’m glad I ended things with that Devil in human form. Today I saw her picture on someone’s status, the lady tagged it my sister, I replied to the post is “she your sister” she said yes. I told her “wow that is a pity “ and blocked the lady I know she’ll be wondering what I meant by that but I don’t have time to explain she should just know that it’s a pity to have such lady as a sister, I don’t even know how I got that one’s number maybe from an ad I placed last week on WhatsApp

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