Little step sister

I can only say this here where no one can see it, so my little step sister who’s just 16 was brought to come live with us by her mom, she’s always all over me. At first I thought maybe the little girl has been lonely and she’s probably so excited to have a big brother and new home. Last week I was watching Instagram videos with her when she started touching my dick! I was confused at first. Fast forward that night when the generator went off, she sucked my dick and I fucked her and even cum inside her. I’m surprised she’s not a virgin and I’m scared she doesn’t get pregnant.

One comment

  1. guy, she’s underage.
    I hope you’re not over 19 cos if not….. that’s predatory and statutory rape.
    and pls stop, someone will find out sooner or later!
    and why tf would you cum inside her what if she get pregnant… omo you no wise sha

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