Selfish Friend

One of my mom’s friend introduced her to these loan apps last year November and before that my mom was doing financially okay, we had no issues at all with money. Her friend introduced her to it and that time she didn’t even need the money but her friend asked her to share the money she collected with her, she paid back the money but she started collecting for that her friend and herself till she got so deep into it. Fast forward to this month, my mom is in a very deep shit, she’s owing over 1 million to freaking loan apps. She owns a boutique and she makes sales buy now any profit she makes she uses it to pay loan apps. I’m so disappointed in her, she told me yesterday that the only reason why her friend introduced her to this loan apps is because she needed money and my mom was so naive she fell for her trap!! My mom is a widow and that her friend has a very rich husband! If worse comes to worse her husband fit just give her money to clear her own gbsese but my mom has no one except God. I don’t even know what to do, everytime her friend comes over I feel like pouring acid on her face or slapping her. She’s so selfish and wicked for doing this to my mom

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