I and my ex broke up after 1/half year of toxic relationship. Fast forward to he started cheating, got me pregnant and when I told him he dumped me. I looked for money for abortion but didn’t get it and I always stalked his Instagram page with another account because he blocked mine and he was really lavishing the money I needed to get rid of the baby. Glory to God after 4 months I got the money and doing the abortion the doctor told me it was 50/50 but I just went ahead because I wasn’t ready. Did it and it was successful, 7 months after this Nigga hit me up to link up and I did. We’ve been having sex ever since then though I’m not in a relationship and he said he’s not ready for a relationship as well, I feel so confused and foolish because I still love him and it’s hard to move on but I just want to stop. I keep remembering the times he left when I needed him 😔😔

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