I met a guy sometimes around march last year, we fell in love and it feels like the perfect relationship until last year October he broke up with me and came back after 3 weeks. I forgave him and he did it again around January, he came back after 3 weeks and I forgive him again. Until early march I found out he wasn’t the person I thought he was, caught him pricing girls and he sleeps with prostitutes, I felt so broken and I left his place, but this guy didn’t call me or text me or apologize, he doesn’t feel remorse. It’s about 3 weeks and I still miss him so much, he’s trying to turn the table, he says it’s just sex and it’s not cheating that it’s me he loves, but he’s not apologizing sincerely and he’s not calling or texting, the last time he said he can’t move on and I should block him so he’d move on. I feel like he’s a narcissist. But I still can’t hate him or move on even when I know I caught him cheating with multiples girls. About 8 girls. He is very proud.

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