I met this guy we vibes so much to the extent of sexting on Snapchat. He said all kinds of sexual stuffs even how he was going to fuck me till I begged for mercy and so did I. He told me how much he loved blowjob and I told him I was good at giving blowjob. Long story short we decided to meet after everything. omo that’s how I started giving him bj, it was going well at first then I wanted us to get on with more sexual stuff but he said I should just continue with the blowjob. Omooooo I gave him blowjob for close to an hour and 30 minutes straight, my cheeks were so sore till now💔…ahhh I give up on anything sexually related from now on, I just want to focus on myself. I even found out the young man was married self😭🥲 and he still opened his mouth to tell me when can we meet again 😂…omo japaaaaaa!!!

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