Hard to forgive

It’s more than a year now that I found out that my girl has another man, Honestly when we first started everything was fine. She’s a good woman and very fun to be with, she’s my first love. I was lacking in so many ways and I started learning on daily basis from her and becomes more romantic, everything was going well years until last year that I figured out something changed about her and I’m a type that figures stuffs out quickly. I did and decided to take her on outing and then we ate played games and then left for her place. On getting to her place I requested for her phone that I needed to check some things out, she was reluctant at first and I told her if she can’t give me her phone that will be end of our relationship. Then she did and gave me then I figured stuff out and everything that has being transpiring between them. I begged her to stop that I love her she accepted to let go of him. I started to monitor her more after then and then figured out she’s meeting with him after then.They were together for about a month after. I later decided to let go and she was all over me begging me not to go and I accepted, we got our relationship back on track buh I can’t stop thinking of their conversation because I read it all. Although she cut him off completely which am 💯 sure of and being doing whatever pleases me instead of what she wants. Even though I want to let go, it’s so hard on me and it more than a year now and I told her I can’t let go of what happened in the past and don’t want her to suffer for it in the figure that she should let us go our separate ways. Did I make a wrong decision ?


  1. I don’t think you made a wrong decision but you should’ve let her go since you found out what she’s been doing. Why take so long to do that when you know you can’t let go of the past. No judgement tho, I wish you all the best on your next relationship.

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