Its all gone

See ehh for real I’m tired this relationship is suffocating me and i know you feel that way too. I cant continue like this, It all feels like I’m forcing you to be with me and it shouldn’t be so, you are never available when i need you and that’s the most annoying part of everything and when i complain that our communication is bad you start acting up. Don’t you know as for all this relationship is concerned communication is all I’m used to benefiting from it, have someone to talk to have always been my biggest longing and then i found you, thinking that i have found that which i need. Coming from my type of family, having someone to talk to have always been hard, and i ended up making so much mistakes because they were too busy fighting, to connect with their children and I’m here thinking that i have finally found someone who cared enough to talk to me but now you have taken that away from me and i don’t know why i should keep waiting and starving for that which i crave most. I guess i have lost a boyfriend and a bestfriend.

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