I hate my bestfriend

I’m having issues with my boyfriend, apparently we are exes. Now I got to know recently that my bestfriend whom we live together in school has been feeding my boyfriend lies. Some are truth, most are lies but despite I don’t think it’s right for your friend to snitch on you to your boyfriend. If they both want to date it’s ok now they made me look like the most terrible person on earth. I tell her everything and stupid me will still come cry to her then she will tell me what to say to my boyfriend. I just had it all figured out now I know why we prefer being friends with guys to girls. I hate her so much and I wish I could tell her but I don’t want to fight because of a man who can’t use his brain I’ve deleted her number she’s still chatting with me but gradually I’ll cut her off. I’ve been crying since I found out because I loved her so much and i trusted her.

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