Fear Asaba girls

I once dated a girl who lied to me about almost everything, first when we met she told me are parents was late mean while her father is alive. She said that so i can be always feeling sorry for her whenever she cries to me for help and the crazy thing was that I always came through for her knowing how it feels not having a parent. She turned me to client, sometimes she even pretends to be sick and again she even does prostitution even with everything i was doing for her always telling me she is going to her family house. There is not a single day i don’t give this girl money, she is always having problems every single day. The story is very long i swear, i only dated this girl for like 3 months but felt like 7 years the only thing still surprising to me is that how can someone lie that both her parents are late just to be extorting money from you.

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