A New Era

I feel like I am under a spell or it might just be this girl’s pussy. I started dating this girl few months ago and ever since I haven’t had the guts to cheat on her because sex with her is so so amazing, I don’t even look at another woman or think of sex with any woman. She is always on my mind!
Her pussy is so sweet! Never felt this way before, and she isn’t my first neither 4th. I think I hit the jackpot!

One comment

  1. HIM
    I like this guy and I know he has feelings for me but he pushed me away because he said he wasn’t ready for a relationship. He said what we had was a fairytale and fairytales don’t last. It was perfect and I miss him so much but I know I can’t text him because there is no use. I don’t want a relationship either I just wish we could be close again.

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