Social media

Social media the wall standing in between two lovers.
Social media is good yes!!!
because it helps you connect with
The world,environment and the people around you 🙂but can social media destroy homes and relationships?
Yes it can🤷‍♀️

Now there’s a difference between relationships and socializing
And as much as social media can be so addictive it can really break a good relationship.
Many people do not know how to hold both parts and end up breaking the other.
Lately you see people in relationships and marriages online forgetting they have a partner or a child to take care of
Or attend too
People wake up and the first thing they look for is there phones and in that particular moment they forget everything else in the world.
People dating wake up and the first thing they do is check there phones instead of cuddling,interacting and communicating with there partners
People greet there fans and friends on social media first before greeting there partners around them.

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