It’s been 3 months I found out my best friend has been sharing my secrets with his friend , I just decided to unblock him today and Instagram. He knew when I had an abortion for my ex, he knew I had an asthma ish, he knew how hard it has been for me to move on but instead Daniel decided to embarrass me like this. He told his friends that I’m a liar and a cheat.

Daniel 2

Little did I know that Daniel has been pretending to be my friend for such a long time , he told his friends every single secret and detail about me, I’m sure they laughed so hard while speaking about me , 🙂he thinks it’s over , I trusted you Daniel , I loved you so much and I was willing to stand by you forever and ever and you decided to shame me like this!, I confronted him about it through texts and he said I shutouts f*ck off
I hate you so much Daniel!!!

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