Shey someone is after my Life?

About four months ago, i experienced a very strange skin disease. It ravaged my body so bad that I didn’t got to school for over a month. Went to do tests but they could not decipher what was wrong. I used medication + herbs, but nothing worked. I decided to search on google. And i found out it was actually skin cancer.

Shey someone is after my Life?2

I know so because I’m a biochemist (200L). I couldn’t tell nobody. I stopped most of the medications and just started praying and applying church water. That’s how that one left and I was healed.
Also almost had an accident about a month ago that could have taken off my right leg

Shey someone is after my Life?3

Again on new years day, I was eating rice and fish. I just felt something in my mouth. I wanted to swallow but i just though to spit everything out. Guess what I saw, a fish hook, a bit big sef. What are the odds right. Imagined i had swallowed that, I’d have probably had to be operated on or even die sef

Shey someone is after my Life?4

Again, just two days ago someone else’s (dirty) dog slid into our compound from under our gate, My two dogs attacked. I tried to free the dog and it bit me hard. Bit almost half of my thumb’s fingernail off. I had to get injection and treatments. My body still itches a bit and I think it’s from the bite.
I’ve just been thinking alot, but i know nobody can kill me sha. Not when I have the ability to pray

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