Should I?

I love a girl, but I’m not sure of the feeling if it is real enough for me to push for more, I doubt my feelings but I act like i really love her, i think she loves me but she tells me that she’s confused if she loves me to dating, she’s single and not searching and haven’t really dated before in accordance to her storyline prerequisitely, now I’m confused in the case of forwarding our relationship, she’s a virgin and I adore that, same as me, but I’m not really craving for sex though I’m attracted to her but when I’m with her she’s more like a sister, a friend and girlfriend to me all at once, she feels like a baby to me when she’s around me. I’m confused, I don’t want to destroy our friendship though I’ve done some psychoanalysis on her, it feels like she’d hardly reject, please should I shoot my shot. I’m about to graduate from the university I want her

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