F**l in love

This girl is talking and going out with a guy just because of money, she says nothing can happen between them and has even shown me proof of how the guy keeps asking her out and she makes it clear she has a boyfriend and the guy be saying the boyfriend (me) is lucky. She keeps saying she really wants me to be the one taking care of her and all but she can’t let this opportunity go (because the guy is sending money and I’m broke). I don’t know if I should leave or go. I’ve tried leaving, she’s been furious with the idea, encouraging me to meet her family and all but she just can’t let this guy go yet, until I have money.

One comment

  1. My Nigga
    Pls leave that woman
    I repeat, pls leave her alone she doesn’t want you.
    How can u trust a girl who is getting money from another man and she keeps telling you that nothing is wrong.
    Bro reason am
    The earlier u leave her the better chances you have to meet new people and better ones.
    The highest form of disrespect to a man who claims is in a relationship is cheating.
    Do you know what cheating is in a relationship? It simply means u cannot carry on ur duties as a man both financially and sexually!!!

    Pls I advice you to leave her !!!

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