1. I’m praying for strength to carry on in this life. I’m too tired to carry on. I dunno what’s next, much is expected of me Nd right now everything is cloudy evn typing tears is just the only way I can explain myself. The trumpet sound will jst be a relief.

  2. I saw my ex today…he pretended not to see me….do we really ever heal?
    My emotions came running down…I am hurt but its been long….should I text him and ask why he did that…I am tempted to do that

  3. I’m completely shattered… I’m 7months pregnant for my boyfriend…I don’t know where this change came from all of a sudden, hitting me became his hobby… he doesn’t even care about my condition…I don’t know if leaving the pregnancy was the best thing to do,now I’m regretting …. I’m confused on what to do,I’m scared of becoming a single mother at this young age

  4. Sick 😷
    I feel weird … I actually thought it was hiv… then I went for a test it says negative… but I feel weird ..my throat hurts my tongue feels weird my eyes are tired 😪

  5. I’m Tired💔
    I’m just depressed. Not suicidal just wholly depressed. I just cleaned up my eyes to write this. I feel this emptiness in my soul. Day to day my phone doesn’t ring. Everything is just upside down. No job nothing. Just sit in my room all day. I’m always smiling but deep down my whole self is Empty. Nobody cares. Is this really life ?

  6. Am so tired of every thing and every body ,nobody seems to care how I feel or How my life is going ,I don’t get the type of energy i invest in to people ,lately I just found out I have let my guides down ,and I have given people room to have option over my life ,🥺🥺🥺😔😔 growing up Sucks

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