Lonely AF!

I feel so lonely right now. I am always lonely but these days the feeling of loneliness has been so much worse as the few people who used to care about me don’t seem to give a fuck anymore. It’s crazy because I am very pretty but people never seem to like me or want to have conversations. I’m online now on WhatsApp but there’s no one’s in my DM’s lol. I just want friends and people I can talk to and share my feelings with but nobody gives a fuck anyways. It’s sad lol.


  1. This isn’t that hard, I think you should give yourself a chance and try to trust more.. Maybe I could be your friend, a good one at that but we’ve gotta start from a spot.. If you’re interested I’ll drop my number (whatsapp), just dm me everything will be fine, just step by step.. 08142984012

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