Lonely AF!

I feel so lonely right now. I am always lonely but these days the feeling of loneliness has been so much worse as the few people who used to care about me don’t seem to give a fuck anymore. It’s crazy because I am very pretty but people never seem to like me or want to have conversations. I’m online now on WhatsApp but there’s no one’s in my DM’s lol. I just want friends and people I can talk to and share my feelings with but nobody gives a fuck anyways. It’s sad lol.


  1. This isn’t that hard, I think you should give yourself a chance and try to trust more.. Maybe I could be your friend, a good one at that but we’ve gotta start from a spot.. If you’re interested I’ll drop my number (whatsapp), just dm me everything will be fine, just step by step.. 08142984012

  2. We can be friends though. It’ll be nice.
    Here’s my WhatsApp number +2349068695314

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