My relationship ended terribly, lost my girlfriend to money. No wahala, I’m on a revenge mission. Na people relationship I dey put eye now. I’ve slept with 4 girls in relationships and I have receipts. Soon I’ll spoil what they have going. As Dem do me naso I go do them. Currently hitting on two sisters, I’m sleeping with the elder one and I’m working on the younger one and it’s working. I’ll gather all the receipts and keep for D-Day. It is my fellow man that did me dirty, let me.share the dirt all round. I’m done with love and it’s cohorts. Any girl I know in a relationship, na her my eye dey and so far so good.

One comment

  1. And thisadds colour to your skin in what way????? Bruh go and pursue your goals, make money,help people and be comfortable.. e go tire youuu

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