My Nonsense Ex

I still crave my nonsense ex who toyed with my emotions for years. I think I’m over him like i don’t love him anymore but there’s still this slight weakness sha. He married someone else on top of all it and couldn’t give me a reason why he chose someone else, his loss sha. He didn’t want to leave me alone even after getting married and still kept saying we need each other and blah blah, will come see me and we’ll have mad make outs but when I got into a new relationship(I stopped seeing him before this sha cause i felt i was stupid and messing up), I told him I didn’t want him to talk to me about anything romantic or sexual. My relationship is sweet and I love my man but sometimes, I just feel somehow about my ex but I know i can’t do anything about it and I love my guy too. I just hope I’m not indirectly cheating. 🥺 I just texted the human, hi now. If i delete his number, I’ll save it back because it’s in my head.

One comment

  1. If he hadn’t gotten married. I’m sure you two would be back by now.

    You still love him because he grew to become a part of you

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