Help Help Help

I need help, a therapist, a physiologists or something. I am over addicted to crack, deep down I know it’s killing me gradually but I don’t know how to stop this crystal. I have tried severally to stop but it feels like it keeps getting worse because now I am spending close to a million on crack every month, I shouldn’t even been trying this because I am a sickle cell and just 29. Should I go to rehab? Someone should just please help me before I die young, Not even my mom knows I do this, I’m dying slowly and even as I write this to you. I am still taking it, addiction is a bastard. How do I stop this? I have loses savings and investment and yet my head no just correct to stop. Please help🥺

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  1. Evening starts from you, it will be hard and difficult but it’s possible…trust me hun..

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