2022 started on a bad note for me…..

My boyfriend and I broke up last year april and since then I’ve been trying to get out of my shell. Fast forward to October, I met my secondary school crush whom I loved so much, he showed his interest towards me and I’ve been posting him since then, I feel his energy doesn’t match mine. So we finally met on New Year’s Day and we had sex, this guy just told me today that the sex was bad and my pussy smells, I feel so bad, I do not have any infection I feel he just made that up.😪😔

One comment

  1. Okay fine, things have gotten dirty but doesn’t mean it can’t ge
    T better, if he thinks the sex was bad then okay, your pussy smells, then okay, but what is not okay is letting it Beat you down and turning your mental health into a whole wreck it’s damaging and not healthy, farabale move on you’ll get better

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