Encounter with a Narcissist

Met this guy in September, at a period where my business was crashing and I really needed money. We met via hookup, this guy told me he had a girlfriend who was based in the Uk. Told me how she cheated on him and how the relationship has been bad due to long distance and everything. When I first found out he was still very much in a relationship with the girl, I left. He used his friends to recruit me back again. Told me he finally ended the relationship and he wants me. We made plans on how we were going to move in together, build a business together and relocate out of the country. Even introduced him to my parents. Fast forward , I went to his house last Sunday unannounced, I met the girlfriend in his house, she’s pregnant for him. I was dragged out of his house , by his brothers who beat me and broke my phone. This guy is a smooth liar, manipulator and gaslighter. He uses everyone around him to his own advantage. He was able to brainwash me and now I feel bad for his babe because that one is broken and has been completely brainwashed by him. Found out he has many girls that he does this to, it’s his lifestyle and there are a lot of victims. Now that I’ve exposed him, he is tarnishing my image and assassinating my character with terrible lies. Calling me a slut and a hooker. I feel scared because he has my sextapes and nudes and I don’t want him to expose that. My head is a mess but I’m glad I was able to come out of this on time. I don give up on dating and relationship sha.

One comment

  1. If he tries to expose your nudes Na prison straight, so live your life to the fullest

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