Carried this bleeding heart into 2022

2021 was a mixed year for me. My boyfriend who I dated for two years literally cheated on me with my closest friend at that time and slept with a few girls whom I knew. Plus his friends girlfriend all at the same period. I got to find out about it and I left him and I didn’t turn back. Met another guy who claimed he’ll do everything right. I was so scared at first and things turned out great and then we dated for 6months and had a misunderstanding and then he left me. I cried I begged still nothing, I was broken. I went to visit him one day and he decided he’d make things right we tried but still it was like I was begging for love and attention 😭. So I asked for a break up because I was tired and he gave me one. Also asking me to wait till 2022 so we could sit down and talk things out (we don’t stay in the same state). I decide to wait. Just for me to call him on New Year’s Day (crossover) and He told me he spent it with a friend. A female friend who cleaned up his wounds that same night, who knows what went down?💔. He had had a minor accident on his way to her place and had a few bruises. I cried myself into the new year. I’ve blocked him on all social media platforms and I’m ready to move on with my life. I’m now full-time trying to bag this degree

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