My boyfriend of 5 years who I had a son for officially ended it with me today, I thought it was our usual quarrel but he told me his done, because I hang out couple of times so I can forget my pain and he thinks I have started sleeping with someone else. This is someone that is never around, we stay in different cities and this same person has been cheating on with a lady in his city, my heart is heavy, It’s been one year i last felt what true happiness is I don’t want to start my year with this anymore, I will move on though it hurts 😔 so much.


  1. I think they will still get back together. The statement ” i thought it was our usual quarrel” shows they have been on and off. Its a new year, guy might just want to do new year new me things.

  2. A whole lot seems wrong with the relationship.. but it’s not the end, hopefully the guy comes around to make things work out.
    She should try make amendment too, she can involve a trusted 3rd party whom the husband respect a lot.
    Best of luck to both of them

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