I have dated this guy for long.he has cheated severally which is my only problem with him I always forgive him. He keeps telling me he doesn’t know what came over him.I know I love him so much. There is this great connection we have. Apart from cheating on me he hasn’t done any other harm to me but cheating is a deal breaker right? Should I walk away from the relationship or keep going cos it keeps draining me mentally and emotionally I just need an advise on the best way to handle this am mentally and emotionally drained could this be love?

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  1. If he truly loves you and shows a sign to change then u can give him a trial.
    But for a guy to tell u that he don’t know what came over him is a blunt lie, for your guy to cheat on ,he has already made that plans long tym ago so try find out what you are not doing right and don’t be blinded by love.

    Your mental health matters the most

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