Just Married For a Week

I just got married and I’m beginning to regret it just in a week, my husband looks responsible, but deep down he still belongs to the streets. I’m in my second trimester of pregnancy, I feel like backing out already, he has a sexual partner at work, he promises me all the time that whatever they’ve had before our marriage was going to end there but she still sends him pictures and tags him all the time, like she’s not ready to back out. He also chats with her like he’s still deeply into her, they moved from WhatsApp to Instagram, was he tryna fool me ? I feel they’re still very connected and would make out soon, I’m scared for myself and our child, divorce is ringing in my head just in a week of marriage, we dated for almost four years, they make out frequently down to two weeks of our marriage, am I overthinking that he’d leave his family for her ?

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