What’s in for 2022

February 2021, I was outside my house on a Friday evening, I closed early from work and was sitting outside waiting for someone. There’s a mosque nearby and they were having an evening prayer, the Imam was saying ALLAHU,ALLAHU,ALLAHU,Before I knew it I was shouting ALLAHU too and I couldn’t control myself until one woman recited something in my ears, I was calm and I went inside. It started happening continuously and I had to beg a friend to take me to my hometown to meet my family. When I got home, my dad insisted on taking me to the hospital. A family member suggested an Alfa’s place and he agreed, When we got to the Alfa’s place, he was bragging too much and asked for a substantial amount of money. My dad paid half and said he will pay the other half when he’s done, well I didn’t go back to the Alfa’s place. My parents took me to an hospital and I was diagnosed with brain seizures. Now I have to use drugs/pills for the rest of my life and constant check ups, I wish I didn’t go home when it started. Too young to be living on drugs,Thank you 2021😭

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