Molested as a kid but still better than people who was never

I’m 21, I was born and grew up in my village, not remote but we lack basic amenities.
At age 5 I’m not good with dates though. There was a day I followed some group of older girls to get firewood, some already teens, some 2-3 years older. The oldest made us had sex with each other, I was the only boy, I was messed up that day damn, can remember everything. I can remember having sex with 3 girls during that period I was just 5. I don’t know if my family was aware but I have never shared this with anyone.
I can’t say it hasn’t affected me but trust me I haven’t had sex since then and I’m not ready and I haven’t even had a girlfriend. I will have sex next year by God’s grace, Also the main girl I had sex with the day we went to get firewood got married like 4 years ago. The Devil who had pleasure in destroying us got pregnant for an Okada man like 5 years after, karma will follow her 🙏🏼.
I thank God for my life.
I just saw the rules and I have written and epistle already

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