Really messed up

I lost my job and my babe realized I wasn’t the chosen one anymore. I got so depressed and frustrated, many times I considered silting my wrist and ending it all. Thank God for his grace, I realized there’s hope, I’ve been trying to get myself together.

The issue here is that along this period, I met this hooker who is some years older than me. She got to start liking me and in those moments of vulnerability and frustration, I felt like it wasn’t a bad idea if I hung around her. We been giving for a while. Next thing, she wants to take things to another level, I was just looking at her because I was beginning to get lost. Babe started introducing me to peeps as “her guy”😳. That’s when I knew it wasn’t a joke. She started stylishly requesting to want to see my parent 😧. At this point, I decided to cut a lot of excesses I allowed previously because it wasn’t looking funny anymore. I made it impossible for her to come visit me again, sometimes I stayed away from her for a number of days, forming not reachable along side. She will end up getting jealous and accuse me of going to run other babes or that my parents have brought a babe for me at my place that’s why I don’t allow her come around again. She had this bad temper which she couldn’t control and when you who she’s venting all out at gets angry she’s venting at you innocently, she will take offense. She always wanted whoever she was venting out at to take all her vexation(for nothing o) and then calm her down and she’ll be normal again. On my end, the entire thought process didn’t sit with me. Why will I accept bashing and ranting from someone for nothing I know about, but before she doesn’t want it to get out of hand. I was observing.

She finally did the one that was beyond usual, hurting my ego as a guy, I sha vex my own vex and ignored her. At the end of the day, she started claiming it was all my fault the issue escalated the way it did. She further asked if I still wanted to be around her. I was happy, I told her “no”. Next thing, she started crying seriously saying I never cared about her & all. I told her sorry, but her vex pattern is affecting me psychologically. She ended up pleading I should forgive her, that she’ll change. I stayed.

As time went on, the nonsense vex pattern started coming bad. This time, she felt because she was explained to me so well, I would stay and handle her. As a yeye guy that I was, stayed with her, tolerating the bullshiit, till as usual she out did herself and almost started drawing attention from neighbors. I totally ignored her because she was the cause of what made her start getting angry. The painful thing was all the anger was being channeled at me. I just kept my cool and ignored because I was done taking the fall for what wasn’t any of my business. She ended up accusing me of a lot of shiiiit. Biggest of all was she saying I was a sex freak and I always disturbed her for knacks 🤦🏽. That one just weak me totally because this was the same person that told me she doesn’t believe in having sex always, I kuku no disturb her unto that matter. I always made sure she always initiated the move for sex and not me. I ended up leaving her place because the mood was just not it should be. Got to my house and felt bad I left her unhappy. The feeling continued till the next day, but she wasn’t accepting my calls. I had to go back to see her, she received me with a very cold shoulder and continued what she was doing like I wasn’t there. After almost 1 & a half hour of silence and my attempts to start a convo, she finally replied me. I stated I wasn’t happy with what happened the previous day because always ignores the fact I have feelings and always wants me to take her venting without complaining. Next thing she replied it was entirely my fault it got that bad. That I don’t understand her, that she doesn’t even think she needs me anymore because she’s not deriving any form of happiness with me. I was really dumbfounded because she events gaslighted me in the situation and made it feel like it was my fault entirely. The most amazing part of it all is that she told me off, she doesn’t need me no more. That I shouldn’t disturb her🥸. This was the same person that was shedding tears a month ago when I choose her offer to walk away.

Looking that the entire situation, na me mess myself up. A spec like me, stooped so low to associate with a hooker like her without fear for my rep.

Lessons learnt. No matter how whatever the matter might be, I’ll never take a girl to my house for knacks. Also staying off babes for the time being. I got a life to live and achieve.

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