I am 20 and a Virgin, i am a fine hot babe and have been in loads of relationships but they never last because men nowadays weigh commitment to a relationship through sex. I feel very alone right now because im single and none of my girl friends believe in saving virginity for the right person. It’s really tiring because i have no one to talk to about my struggles and i feel really lonely this December.


  1. I’m also 20 and a virgin. I’m really hot that no one can say I’m a virgin. It’s also really hard for me
    I guess I’ve been single relationship isn’t just for us

  2. You’re not alone dear, lots of the people in my life who broke there virginity before getting married told me how much they regret it.
    Don’t get tired, it’s a virtue you need to be proud of having.
    Just pray you meet someone that will fall in love with you and not for sex sake😊.

  3. How I wish I can see these faces. It has always been my dream to get married to a virgin though

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