BETRAYED again by a bitch

My own blood sister (junior), any guy that I am dating and she sees the guy is spending money for me or taking care of me, she starts looking for a way to have the guy. She did it last year, I asked her why would she do such she said and so what? My mom didnโ€™t even say anything she was even siding her instead of warning her. I cried so much I hated dating guys that are in their 20โ€™s since then I allowed it slide . This year November I started dating someone else again she saw heโ€™s always giving me things I needed take care of me and all she wanted to try it again but almost but the guy didnโ€™t give in. How can you be friends with my guy on snap how did you know he was always online on Snapchat. She told me he watched her story mentioning his fool name to me I said what? How can he view your story on snap if you are not friends. I have decided to cut ties with her and leave the house till next year because my family gives me problems a lot especially my sisters. They talk anyhow and are so envious.

Prt 2 betrayed by a bitch

I asked why did you add my sister on snap, he said he had added before he added me on snap before he knew me and all, that he wanted to remove her since Like why didnโ€™t you? He has been acting weird for like a week plus towards me sef then the secret revealed to me as I planned to go offline for some days after asking him about why he added her. I told him to remove her now, he said he did already. I said it was embarrassing then he said how was I. I said not fine and he said he was sick. I messaged him since afternoon, he hasnโ€™t replied me till now. I want to cut him off finally and also my sister, I donโ€™t care where they end up, they can die if they want to. I am leaving this toxic family.

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