Stingy millionaire reloaded

My dad is rich and blessed but never helps his own family. Recently he told my step mum that my 1year and 3 year old siblings are too old for xmas clothes, we later heard that he gave church #100k and gave his sister #200k for xmas. If you ask him for money, his face will change like who is eating fresh utazi leaf🤦‍♀️. My step mom recently bought stingy millionaire, the movie he watches it with us and even laugh loud with us. This man amazes me everyday.

One comment

  1. The story of the person that has a stingy father is just like mine. I’ve not gotten pocket money from him in 3 months and he keeps donating to church and his town. Mans a multimillionaire and spends everywhere else except home . Even the last pocket money I got , I called for like 3 weeks straight that I almost started crying.

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