full of shit she says 💔

I love her but before her was her friend and we almost had a thing between us and I even asked her friend out which she said Yes. But I found out that I was only lusting for her and can’t really open up to her like I do with her friend whom I tell practically everything about me and share my deepest feelings with. I broke her friend’s heart when I openly flaunt her as my mama and soulmate making the poor girl hate me and tried every single stunt to break us. It has been all to avail until yesterday when she showed my girlfriend a message from me asking her to come over. My girlfriend bursted out raining curses on me without hearing my own side of the story. I calmed her down and she finally asked for an explanation after blocking my number (makes me wonder if she really loves me to act rationally). I tried explaining that her friend was the one that brought the suggestion of coming over knowing my girlfriend travelled and i have always wanted to be in good terms so thought it was an opportunity to settle our differences and just be cool with each other and still maintain friendship ( My Mistake). She had sent me sex chat messages and always trying to flirt with me and turned every single one down because I genuinely love my girlfriend ( not sure if she does back judging by her acting like she doesn’t know me in the presence of her friends or want them knowing we her dating while her friend in question flaunts me and never hid me and always wanted us to date so she could finally make it official and is proud of me unlike my girlfriend). So I agreed for her to come over only for her to ask my girlfriend for permission And then she burst at me with insult-and curses and blocked me without first asking for an explanation now I am still apologizing 💔 . She once flirt with a guy from her school on Instagram while we were dating and even Posted him with sweet caption while only reposition me as her boss . We sorted the issue within a day and I forgave her . I honestly love her to the point that I feel guilt wenever i stand too close to any other girl. Am so Confused about the whole situation now. 💔might just end up depressed the second time 🥀💔

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