I was 17 and working in a law firm with my SSCE result as a secretary and was sleeping with my boss! I was so novice! He will fuck me in his office or take me somewhere until I got pregnant! I didn’t even know I was pregnant because I haven’t been pregnant before 🤦‍♀️😢he was the one that noticed! He touched my breast and told me I was pregnant! He was 35/37 years I guess! Did the test and it was positive! He took to meet a girl who gave me pills to remove it! He got me provisions! I got home and was in severe pains for days and crying only for me to resume work and he introduced me to a new secretary who happens to be his girlfriend according to him! All the promise of how he was gonna train me through school forfeited. Looking back now, wish I can sue him! I regret it and I can never forgive him!I still wish I can do something bad to him! I’m 25 years now and I know better! I pray I should be able to get over it.

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