Tired and Fed up

Feel like i am in the middle of nowhere, don’t know where to start from, met him January 2020. I am a student, i visit him once in a while and agreed no sex before marriage until he forcefully deflowered me few months later. I couldn’t break up with him because I felt tied to him since he took my virginity. Things continued and I got pregnant for him (didn’t know until it was almost 7 months).I was supposed to travel to further my studies but couldn’t because of the baby so I and my family agreed to remove it. My parents know him and now i am planning to introduce him to my grandpa by Christmas. Found out he cheated on me this year but let it go. A month later he did the same thing and still told the other girl about the baby issues.
Now he’s doing the same thing again and I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t know how to leave him since my family know him already and he’s the first and only man to sex me. Almost ran mad due to the baby trauma and still feeling it. So tired and fed up. I regret ever knowing him and still doing that to my child.

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