Good girl shit

I recently just graduated from the university and I’m kinda stuck with life( don’t really know what to do). Most of my friends that graduated with me are already living their best life, they party almost every week and some even travel to other states to meet men all in the name of networking. I’m really tempted to do what they are doing but I just can’t and I also can’t stay like this for long. I can’t really get a job now and there’s no money for me to start up a business. I pray I figure out life soon.

One comment

  1. I want to believe the best thing you can do is believe in your self. Infact hype yourself even if your friends are doing way better than you in life the real truth is, can you do what your friends are doing? Forgetting about the deep shit stuff, no, and they can’t handle what you’ve been through. So don’t be too hard on yourself. Be real dear.

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