Miss Nice

Sometimes I feel and think I’m too nice to people. Some certain friends of mine take it for granted and it’s like they see me as mumu 🙂or I don’t know what I’m doing when I’m being nice to people but I actually do know what I’m doing,. I’m not nice to people in order for them to like me but i’m doing it because I love to help but I don’t get enough encouragement to do more. There was a time I actually put people first before myself, until some of my friends in a form of joke told me I’m too nice and I know this is them shading me. There are sometimes their actions makes me feel “yeah these set of people are thinking I don’t know what I’m doing but funny enough I do and I’m very observant. So I made a promise to myself to have a hard heart towards these people and even when they need something from me I think very carefully before I help unlike before when I just help without having second thoughts .

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