All I heard in a relationship was how I’m not enough and I’m angry that I wasn’t enough but I try a lot and it hurt me that his solution was him cheating and me fixing it only made it worse. I cry myself to sleep all night, I’m so angry that everything we worked for other girls are enjoying it. We suffered together for 4 years before we started getting real money, we went shopping on how first big check and then he bought a car and he switched up ever since! Like over night and I’m still suffering it. I don’t have a heater in my house no blanket and he’s driving around in a Mercedes Benz and goes home every night to his lady. He told me he’ll get her pregnant just to make me mad lol We had 2 abortions because we couldn’t afford a baby at the time. I dropped out of school and now I’ll have to start over by myself.

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