I just lost my grandma, she was kind to me but I haven’t visited her since 2007 because of sapa I feel so ashamed, embarrassed & guilty, but she inspired this:

GBAS GBOS we’ll all die someday,
me,you & all the people we love;
the ones you care about & respect, the ones you curve,
the ones you take for granted, we go all die one day!

memories & regrets breeding fresh traumas for our traumatized minds,
lividly living,lucidly dreaming in guilt for the rest of our limited lives
until we die & feed the plants,
Or animals feeding on our remnants.

Life’s a cycle you cannot grasp,like a quick chance to glance in a trance
watching death doing it’s deathy(dirty) dance
Only the fungis will survive this romance,
Shed your tears till it blends with your runny nose,

Only the living can grieve whom death doesn’t forgive. 

-Psych E

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