I gave him HIV

I had sex with an Isaac from UNILAG. I wanted to use a condom but he was insisting on raw and that his “pull-out game” is strong. I want him to know that he has HIV.


  1. To the person that thinks they gave someone HIV. Women are 4 times more likely to contract HIV than men. There have been countless report of men sleeping with HIV positive women without getting the illness. I know this because I am a medical doctor with experience. I cant recall how often I have had needle pricks without getting any infection or taking PEP. Although the chances is about 0.03%. You only increase your chances from repeated exposure and it depends on viral load.

  2. If you’re dropping details drop full details abeg. People dey message me dey pray for me on top HIV wey I no get.

    Stop dropping half gist abeg

  3. I saw the post about an Isaac from the university of lagos I remembered meeting someone that fits that description who convinced me to have unprotected sex because he’s a pull out expert. I found out I have HIV.
    Ladies he’s about 6 feet 2 he wears glasses and has a tattoo on his left thigh. Avoid him please

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