Well i and my boyfriend have been dating for so many years now, i am not saying i am perfect but i am trying to correct my mistakes but for him,he still repeats the same mistakes over and over although we have issued on it several times. He claims they are his friends but yet he chats with them about intimacy and intimately,he even comments things like is your boobs for me or is the nipple for me, he also sends them money which is no a problem for me because is a form of kindness but even to the point of saying i want a massage to the point the girl will even say you know what my hands can do and even asking another for a lunch date because I won’t be around at that time and all of this gets me so angry. I am tired of this same correction everytime. I can’t even talk about it anymore to him because i feel i am blabbing. That’s why i came to relieve my anger and anguish here.😥😓😢😰😠😭😭

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