ALL Girls are the Same

People say men are scum but i really tried my best not to be one. I didn’t cheat for once on my girlfriend for up to 3 years despite the fact that i have so many fine girls around me. My girlfriend doesn’t drink alcohol around me but she drinks when she is out with older men. Whenever i try to give her a call when she is out with guys, she usually finds a way to start up a fight and i don’t know why. Sometimes i feel she just fights with me intentionally just to convince herself that she can cheat because i stressed her. Guys are always lodging her in hotels and i keep telling her i don’t like it because i can afford these things too. But she keeps saying i am trying to cage her but this same girl wants me to remain in a serious relationship. I tried not to think about all that until recently i found out that she has cheating all along. Rather than apologize, she is still blaming me that i am the reason behind why she is cheating.. I asked her to tell me the reason and she said nothing.. This bitch is just trying to gaslight me.. I dont trust any female again because this bitch could swear with the Bible that she has never cheated and i know she cheats.. I am just shocked to know that girls can go at any length to lie.

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