Premium tears loading soon for her.

My girlfriend is giving me way too much red flag. I’ve made complaints. She’ll aplogize, cry and still do same shit again. I call such act emotional manipulation or emotional blackmail. Truth be told I’ve lost 70% feelings for her. I’m just playing along until her pot burn.

Today was terrible. Called her this night multiple times and she didn’t pick up. She gave me the lamest excuse. Anyway, I’ve made her know I don’t take shit. The para hot. If she no go call. Make she die.

You can as well say I’m suffering from oneitis. For me it isn’t. I’m just giving her the attention every sane girl crave for. I think I’ve given her way too much. I’m taking it all.

Note: Guys reduce the attention you give your woman.

I swear, she’ll cry later. Like this I’m just ready to mess her up. Fuck her and trash her to the street. You ladies think you’re smart? Lwkmd. Men are the real demon’s. We’ll just play around until you’re completely broken.

Her own would be more than breakup. I’ll damaged her emotional, and mentally. The send her off to the street so she can get crushed. I’m sure it would affect her for a longer time.

This is what happened when you lost a good man.

For now. No more communication. The familiarity and see finish don too much.

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