Dying of pain and need help

I was always molested by my mom’s chubby sister each time they visit, two of them. I was about 10-11 then, they always get naked in my presence and ask me to rub their back for them. I will be erected and they would laugh and be shouting my d**k is up, sometimes they touch it when no one is around. I always lay on the bed and imagine me having sex with them forcing my d**k on the floor, sometimes when I get ejaculation i always feel pain on my dick and little watery stuff will come out. I got addicted to porn site, I tried hard to stop but each time I see them or chubby lady I will just lay on the floor where no one is there and imagine me doing it. Now my dick shrinks when erected, it’s not even up to 5 inches, not even big. I feel ashamed of my dick size anytime I see that of my friends, now i am 25 and my dick is so small. I have stopped doing it now but my dick is so small, I don’t know what to do I have tried even fekomi dick enlargement it those not even work , girls always say my dick is so small and I don’t know what to try again.

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