Best friend wahala

I was owing my best friend money for a long period of time but eventually I paid back. That’s like 3 years ago, i brought bags for sale and she took one to her mother to buy. Mummy said end of month, end of month came she said she wasn’t interested again. No wahala i told her to bring the bag back, we both forgot, until one day my elder sister reminded me about the bag i promised her. By then me and bestie had issues and were not on talking teams, but i chatted her up though asked if i could get the bag, which she called her mother and her mum told her to come to the office to get the money so she can give to me.( in my mind Toh maybe mummy done use the bag collecting money for it won’t be bad either). Madam go collect money use am no tell me, after 2 days how far the money, in her words ( i used the money i will give you when i have ). After few days i told her i need the money, madam told me not to disturb her that i should remember when i was owing her, and blocked me 🤷🏻‍♀️.

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