I am 22 and under lots of pressure, I do not fancy the internet transaction thing but I went into it and made quite an amount but I was told to quit or it wouldn’t end well . Summary, I rerouted and applied to study in the UK and I’ve got an admission to study in the UK next year and all my bills and travel expenses have been sorted out and all I have to do is wait but right now I’m damn broke and I feel like dying and there’s nothing giving me money. How can I survive 2 months with no money ? I’m not going back to the yahoo thing because I don’t want to spoil things for my self. How do I survive this ? How ?

Tough Life 2.0

I talked about it in deets yesterday (Tough Life). Please I need help, I feel so frustrated but death isn’t an option. I’m squatting with someone just waiting for the day I’ll leave but how can I live for 2 months with no money. I’ll do any online job for money or anything but steal so I survive these 2 months. I’m desperate and I need help!!! Please!!!

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