I’m tired of life

This year has been so traumatic for me, I lost a family member some months ago. I still haven’t gotten over it and I’ve been battling depression. During that same time I found out my boyfriend of 2 years has been cheating on me too, he was the only one I was looking to for emotional support then and I had to go through both pains at the same time. Last three months I got into another relationship, I was happy and I thought all my grieves would be reduced, and I would finally feel loved again . I found out I was pregnant last week and ever since I told him he has been completely ignoring me and telling me he’ll stop replying me if I complain. But I thought he loved me, he never treated me like this before. I guess I was stupid for trusting someone again
The saddest part of all this is I’m not promiscuous, I lost my virginity just this year. I feel completely shattered, I’m in my final year and I can’t keep this baby. I can’t even tell my parents, they have enough going on already. I want to get an in clinic procedure to remove it next week. I’m really praying nothing happens to me and God forgives me and gives me a second chance at life. Keeping it will be more traumatic and actually be a constant reminder of my depression.

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