AUNTY FRIENDS (Advice givers)

No one knows this ever happened to me. He was meant to help me process getting my Visa to South Africa, these my “Aunty Friends ” would say, ( oh he is single, you are single, why not give it a try.. plus he is capable to take good care of you bla bla bla). That one night, he started to show off his house, how he is looking to fill it with family, a wife and kids. I was sold, but something just didn’t feel right, he gave me gifts. Why did I go to his house that night, I keep blaming myself, I didn’t want sex just yet. He had kissed me, I kissed back but I pulled back and said no, no, no sex. He pinned me to the ground, now I was struggling to keep his hands off between my tights, he promised he wasn’t going to penetrate and I shouldn’t fight him, before I knew it he was raming inside me. I just stayed there, numb, till he was done. All I could think of was why did I leave my house this night, why just why.

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