So help me God..

Been talking to this man since June and all I can say is he’s very sweet, kind , supports and cares about me. We’ve never met and he has sent me close to #200k. I’m loving up already but I don’t show it because he’s a married man and he’s been asking me out lately. I hope this doesn’t end in premium breakfast. 😞😢

Some of y’all are saying I should leave him alone or do I think he’s gonna marry me . FYI, me sef no need am 😂😂 I no fit marry am because he too worwor . I only like his money and what I meant by premium breakfast is I hope he won’t get caught so I can continue enjoying 😂😂😂 I never date single man , na married man I wan follow ? Abeg oh 😂😂😂😂

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